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def zope-i18nfolder-2.02::I18NFolder::I18NFolder::__init__ (   self,
  title = '' 

__init__(self, id, title='')

Definition at line 92 of file I18NFolder.py.

00092                                     :
        """__init__(self, id, title='')"""
        # NOTA : We shouldn't call parent's __init__ method as it would link to PortalFolder.__init__ and this
        # method sets 'self.id' and 'self.title' which is unuseful for us.
        self.id = id
        self.folder_languages = {}

    # Edit method (change this to suit your needs)
    # This edit method should only change attributes that are neither 'id' or metadatas.
    security.declareProtected(I18NFolder_editPermission, 'edit')
    def edit(self, title = '', description='', lang_code=None, REQUEST = {}):

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